Horizon Design Ltd is a small architectural practice based in Worthing, West Sussex and serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

We specialise in the detailed design of buildings from small-scale residential and commercial developments to domestic and commercial extensions, alterations and loft conversions. We firmly believe in spending time and effort, and using our expertise in making sure that our designs are accurate, detailed and well thought-out. This means that once we have completed the design of your building, extension or alteration, your building contractor will know exactly what they’ve got to price for, what they’ve got to build and how, and you have the confidence that what has been shown on our plans will work out in reality. Much of our work in recent years has come from builders who have received our drawings to price and work from, and because of the level of detail and accuracy of our designs, they want to work from our plans time and time again.

You can also be assured that we have worked on most kinds of building project all the way from detached garages and utility rooms all the way to new-build MoD traning establishments, leisure centres and schools. So whatever your project, give us a call – we have the experience to know how to do it.

See common projects under the ‘construction projects’ tab above for more information, call us on 01903 205868 or email us by visiting our contact page.