Converting the space in your loft into ‘habitable’ rooms can be the best way to add bedrooms and bathrooms to your house, without having to leave the house you love, and at the best price. This can not only add valuable space if your family is expanding or the children are getting too old to share, but also adding a bedroom can be the easiest way to take your house up to the next rung of the ladder in terms of value.

A loft conversion can make a huge difference to the space in your house, often presenting the opportunity to bring lots of natural light into your landing or centre of the house. The resulting improvements to space and light can make a real difference to your quality of life – and you don’t lose any of your garden!

Many properties can benefit from a loft conversion, even with a large roof extension and may not require planning permission. Typically, you are allowed to add an extra 40 cubic metres to the volume of your roof if you live in a terraced house, or 50 cubic metres if you live in any other kind of house (certain other rules and criteria apply). If you live in a flat, you must apply for planning permission for any kind of extension, plus obtain the freeholder’s consent (if there is one).

A few things to bear in mind when considering a loft conversion:

  1. You need to have enough space to start with – if you can’t stand up in your loft without hitting your head, this may indicate how feasible it’s likely to be…
  2. Where are you going to put the stair to the new floor? Often something that is overlooked when planning your new ‘master bedroom’ – this sometimes results in the¬†sacrifice of a ‘box room’.
  3. Fire safety is a major consideration, particularly when you are converting the loft of a two-storey (or more) house. For example, we may have to change the doors to your kitchen, lounge, dining room and bedrooms for fire doors (don’t worry, these don’t have to look like fire doors…)

Approval under the Building Regulations will always be required for a loft conversion. To gain approval, the proposed alterations need to be designed in detail, with particular attention paid to structural alterations to the roof and floors, design of the new stair, energy efficiency, drainage and fire safety. This will all be dealt wth as part of our service, and we will also apply for planning permission (if required) and obtain approval under the Building Regulations on your behalf.

Our detailed plans and calculations by our Structural Engineer will provide all of the information required for approval under the Building Regulations, for building contractors to provide accurate quotations for the work, and to work from. If required, we can also assist you in obtaining quotes, selecting a builder, and even manage the whole project on your behalf.

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